Our Ice Cream is What Sets Us Apart

CREAMIEST in Florida

Yoder's Southern Creamery carefully selects each ingredient to make sure every flavor is rich and creamy. Once it hits your lips, you'll agree with us. There is no comparison.

Made Locally

Our ice cream is made the old-fashioned way, by real people, right here in Sarasota. The award-winning team at Yoder's Southern Creamery makes sure each tub of ice cream is made the right way.

Not Just Ice Cream

We also make old-fashioned, hand-spun milkshakes that are thick and full of flavor. Some of our unique recipes are generations old, and others are brand new creations. You'll love 'em!

Our Soft-Serve is Special

We also make a special version of soft-serve ice cream that allows us to churn some of our flavors into a soft swirl. We can churn many of our flavors into creamy soft serve. Come on in and try it!


Ice Cream

Take It Up A Notch

Churn It

Try something fun by churning select flavors into a custom soft-serve creation.

Shake It

Pick one of our carefully crafted milkshake recipes. Or, turn any flavor into a milkshake creation of your own.

Toast It

Pro tip: Add our house-made, toasted marshmallow meringue to any order to turn it into a show stopper.